A guide to High Performance health.

...5 simple facts you need to know to successfully start your journey to a healthier you.




Hello, I’m Jennifer!


I work with companies to offer their employees easy, effective ways to get healthy and increase their work performance. Do you know of any companies looking to update their employee wellness programs?

I also work with individual clients especially women to have more success in their businesses and in life by increasing their energy through nutrition and lifestyle. 

I motivate teens to find their way into the kitchen and learn how to cook healthy meals for their whole family. Do you know of any parents who want their teens to start cooking?

Beauty lies in a healthy mind, Body and Soul!




Coach Jennifer - As an experienced nutritionist and registered wellness coach, it’s my passion to work with and inspire individuals to live a healthy, energetic and meaningful life!

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"The diet Jennifer gave was so simple yet effective. I have been able to lose 3kgs in 2 months and looking forward to losing 2kgs more to reach my target. The diet is not drastic, it was a lifestyle change that i have adopted and i find it easy to maintain."

-Peter, Uganda

"I met Jennifer during her wellness training and she was able to direct me on what foods to incorporate in my diet. Its been 8 weeks and I can already see great changes...my hair line is back! The diet was very precise and nothing technical. I thank her."

-Damalie, South Sudan

"Jennifer was referred to me by a friend of mine. I have had issues to do with mood swings and verbal outbursts due to pressure at work. She worked with me in terms of finding the root cause of my stress,we came up with a productivity schedule where i am able to classify urgent vs important work. I have a diet as well that helps with mood regulation and energy. I feel great"

-Roseline, Kenya