Are you eating the right foods in the right proportions, exercising and you still find it hard to attain your recommended weight? Do you feel tired or experience low energy throughout the day? Do you feel fatigued after meals or experience digestive issues like gas/bloating? Do you have food cravings and have less than 2 bowel movements on an average day? If you answered yes to these questions, then your metabolism has slowed down- Your body’s ability to metabolize fat is clogged and needs revving up!

Then this program was designed with you in mind! In just 9 days all these can change! With a simple and effective LW 3 day juice recipes and a 6 day post juice meal plans, you will experience a shift; improved digestion, increased energy, happier mood, healing of the gut and a stronger immune system.

A good cleanse programme should dramatically decrease the amount of inflammation inside your body, clear your intestines of unreleased waste and flush toxins from all of your organs. It should embrace whole foods, last no more than 10 days (9 days preferably) and should follow these 3 steps.
STEP 1- Prepare your body
This body preparation step sets you up for success by slowly removing inflammatory and acidic foods e.g. wheat, corn, red meat, dairy, drugs (remember to listen to your body)
STEP 2- The meal plans “cleanse”- Eat delicious whole, toxin-fighting foods 4 times a day that easily cleanse your body of the chemicals. The meal plans should contain all the nutrients including protein and good fat.
Step 3- After the cleanse-Move forward from “the cleanse” with the right fat-burning foods you need to set yourself up for continued well functioning body or weight loss success.
Remember it’s a great idea to regularly clear the toxins from your body, regardless of how healthy you eat, so as to keep your body functioning at its best. Cleanses are recommended ever 3 or 4 times a year. It is important you get these cleanse meal plans from a certified nutritionist or dietitian.

This is what this cleanse will do for you;

Gentle detox of all your organs
Repair your gut
Rejuvenate your liver which is sometimes overworked
Great start to get rid of your belly fat which leads to low immunity
improved sleep- Insomnia
Alkalize your body as most of us have too much acidity from the poor nutrition
Nutrient replenishment
Improve your energy levels
More clarity and focus as it gets rid of brain fog and anxiety.

What you get:
-3 days juicing recipes- liver cleanse, kidney support, insomnia, sinus and antioxidant veggie juices.
-6 days post juice cleanse meal plans
-one:one tailor-made consultation during and after the cleanse
-post cleanse supplement and or nutrient (amino acids, vitamins, minerals replenishment) consultation
-joining an existing alumni group for support.

1 week Launch special rate of US$ 35.00 Kshs 3,500. Valid until 20th November.

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Soooo...my friend Jennifer decided she was not leaving her girls out on her lifestyle journey. Together we have done the silent retreat, changed our lifestyles and most recently did the  9-Day cleanse program. Wow....this (9 Day Cleanse Program) has got to be the best treat I have given my body (after my favorite coffee scrub). 

When we got the shopping recipes and shopping list...I giggled and said .."she has got to be kidding me." But Jennifer took us to the market and made sure we got all the ingredients ready to start the cleansing program. I can't say it was easy...especially for me, a carbs lover, but I thank God for connecting me to my friend Jennifer.

For the longest time when I would consume rice/chapatti/bread/dairy products..etc...I would  have stomach aches/cramps/bloated-ness.  But for the last three weeks...my gut is smiling all the way. After the cleansing period I decided to cut off all the foods that bother me and replace with what had been recommended on the post-detox diet. My skin is glowing...my stomach doesn't hurt and my jeans now fit comfortably.

I have promised my body to do this 9 day cleansing every 2 or 3 months. Thank you Licia Wellness for helping me take care of my body, mind and soul. #ForeverGrateful 

My next cleansing is in January after the festive period and I can't wait. 

June Kyula- Nairobi, Kenya





Kshs 3,500


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