Fantastic gifts to give this holiday season

Are you looking for impressive gifts for your family, friends or that special someone? 

Here is a list that can guide you- my top 3 Christmas gifts.

1. A journal. This is by far the best gift that i buy myself every year. I love journals and i am sure you will love them too. writing on your journal everyday in the morning and evening is a powerful ritual. You could write what you are grateful for in the Year 2016. What did you learn from it. What new skills, knowledge and strengths did you develop. Then you can sit and visualize the Year 2017, what do you see yourself doing, accomplishing? Dream up your 2017- let it be super amazing!

2. Herbal Tea- Herbal tea is delicious, full of nutrients. and has great health benefits. There are many different types of flavours that your family/friends can enjoy. Peppermint has been known to aid in digestion, Green tea builds your metabolism, star anise tea promotes digestion, Rose tea prevents constipation and Oolong tea controls cholesterol levels. Why not promote someones health by buying different types of herbal tea and have them packed as a gift hamper this holiday season! You can find Herbal tea in any health store.

3. Fresh fruit/ Greens hamper. I love the farm to table concept. Why not have different types of fresh fruits and greens packed in a beautiful basket for your loved ones? This gift idea is unique and considerate as well. Be sure to find out the person's favorite fruits first.

Whatever you choose to give this holiday season, please remember its the thought that counts. Be grateful, forgive, love more, laugh more and always know that you are a remarkable human being!

Happy and blessed holidays