Health benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices derived from the bark of three evergreen trees belonging to the Lauraceae family. The bark from the trees contains essential oils that penetrate three active components called cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol, plus a wide range of other volatile substances. Cinnamon’s distinctive health benefits are drawn from the tremendous rate of antioxidant activity and anti-bacterial properties stemming from the essential oils. The benefits are endless by just adding a pinch, stick, or capsule of cinnamon to your everyday foods. Knowing cinnamon has been around since biblical times many remedies have developed.

 Cinnamon’s healing effect

Recent studies in a respected diabetes journal linked adding ground cinnamon to your meal or two capsules daily helped reduce blood sugar, LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), and increased natural levels of insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes. Also, for anyone trying to lose weight can benefit from lowering their blood sugar levels and fight off hunger with cinnamon. Try it with peaches, sweet potatoes, apples, or you can even sprinkle it on your cottage cheese.

Fight the common cold with just two ingredients, cinnamon and water. Just add one cinnamon stick to two cups boiling water, remove stick, pour in cup, relax and sip. If you would like more flavor then add your hot cinnamon water to a cup of green tea and enjoy! You can have this remedy cold too, just soak two-three sticks in cold water for about three hours and sip. These two brilliant drinks will defiantly sooth that itchy throat and annoying cough that your cough drops can’t even control.

Toothaches can be complete torture for many, and the painful throbbing persistent aching can be treated effectively with this home remedy. For those willing to try, simply add one teaspoon of cinnamon to five teaspoons of honey to make a pain-relieving paste. Applying the paste directly on the affected tooth 2 to 3 times daily will be the most beneficial.

 Rough, cracked, itchy, tired feet are very common, especially in the cold and dry months. Keep your feet smooth, fresh and energized by adding 2 tablespoons of cinnamon to your current foot treatment, soak for 15 minutes, and feel better about showing off those tootsies.

 Better Brain with Cinnamon?

 Yes! The energizing scent of cinnamon acts as a brain stimulant, a memory pick-me-up, and tension reliever. Studies conducted and in progress, have proved that this brain boosting spice will improve test anxiety, alertness, and memory loss in the elderly.

Cinnamon doesn’t stop there.

 Try it to help these common problems:



Menstrual Pains


Blood Circulation




Breathe Freshener



 You can buy cinnamon in four forms: ground, sticks, capsules, or oil. Cinnamon oil may lead to irritations and allergic reactions, so it is not strongly recommended. Capsules are easier to measure and great for those preferring not to taste the spice. Also, cinnamon sticks last up to one year, and ground last about six months. So, if you thought cinnamon is just for your apple cider, pumpkin pie, or the well-known cinnamon roll, think again. This spice is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the grocery aisle. 

Great reasons to get yourself cinnamon today!