Wedding season is coming up…and yes those birthday parties we have to attend lest we are kicked out of family circles! My favourite part in all the celebrations is spending time with family and friends especially people I may not have seen in a long time. Catching up with the latest family gossip and events that happened in the past year makes me so happy. That’s the good part.

What I am not so happy with is the kind of food that is served sometimes. And yes, we get to experience those “friends” who push us to eat the junk food by taking us on a guilty trip “"Oh, just have a coke. It's a party, for goodness' sake and auntie really went out of her way to buy all these stuff and to make this food” I am sure you can relate. Here is what I feel- we should all treat ourselves to whatever tasty food we like as long as we are conscious about it.  Going on an all-out spree in the name of “it’s a party” is just going to end up with having you feel awful in the long run.

So since these party invites will keep coming and we have no choice but to attend, how can we get through them effectively and keep off the "junk-food pushers" and all those who are too quick to judge us?

Here are my 3 party survival strategies you could use;

 Eat before you go to the party. This one is my favorite- I use it for wedding occasions especially if I am attending with my kids. I eat a healthy meal that contains a good balance of carbs, fiber, protein, water and healthy fats as this keeps you full and satisfied for hours. This strategy is so effective in that when you are ushered to the long buffet, you end up keeping it light and enjoying the conversations and interactions more.

 Drink enough water. Ensure you take enough water before heading to the party and during the party. This also works when you have planned to eat out at a restaurant, visiting a relative or when you're not the one preparing the food, you might be overindulging without even knowing it. Drinking water before meals not only hydrates your body, but also fills your stomach and keeps off unnecessary calories.

 Be mentally prepared to work it out the next day- It’s never that serious and yes sometimes we overindulge especially when the company is too good! You ate too much cake or poured too much cream on your tea…its ok, it is not the end of the world- this shouldn’t dictate the rest of your week. The next important step is to get right back on your plan and start healthy the next day. Your healthy journey should be an enjoyable one- clean and healthy and not a do or die plan. The ability to “get back on your healthy eating plan is what’s important


To your health!