Have you realized that in such a fast paced world, we rarely take time to breathe deeply, to have a “me” moment, to laugh out at a silly joke, to call a friend and check up on them? With such a busy environment, do you realize that we often don’t have time to rest, go quiet and tap into our inner power?

Well, you are not alone. Most of us resonate; we are struggling to have that balance, seeking that happiness. Some of us are overwhelmed with so much information as we look for answers to face this life struggle. I have been there too so I understand.

On the other hand, have you also realized that the moment we take time out and focus on ourselves, get a massage done, exercise, eat well, take time out and just sit quietly and focus on our breathe for just a few minutes, There is a shift! Do you realize you are much happier, focused and a better person to be around?

Discovering your inner power in silence is a journey of self discovery- you will discover what makes you calm/ at ease what to eat for that sustained energy, what exercise routine works for you such that it becomes a lifestyle and not work. If you are looking to shed a few kilos then this will happen as well as you discover foods that boost your metabolism.

The most exciting part about this course is the option of attending the 3 days silent retreat which I call- slowing down time session. In life where there are so many distractions, we end up missing THE MOMENTS...

When was the last time you went out of town, to a serene environment with no distractions, so peaceful that you could hear the birds singing? Ever attempted to have your phone switched off for 3 days and not engaged with any electronic device (digital detox)? Ever been in silence for 3 full days, and just focused on your thoughts, feelings, just you. When was the last time you had delicious and healthy vegetarian meals prepared to give you just the energy you require and boost your metabolism as well? That’s what this programme is about. It helps you to be able to focus your attention on what is most important to you. It gives you that clarity from feeling centered and calm. You will find peace of mind and you will experience feelings of inspiration, meaning and purpose derived from the peaceful environment, inside out. You will experience a great sense of wellbeing!

4 weeks online course- Email us to register here (contact form)

Dates for the live event:

5th-7th August 2016- Nairobi, Kenya

7th-9th October 2016- Arusha, Tanzania

9th-11th  December 2016-Maseru, Lesotho

Jan-Dec 2017- Nairoibi- Kenya, Kampala- Uganda, Arusha- Tanzania, Gabon, Dubai, Lagos- Nigeria, Paris-France



"This program was excellent. the food, stretches and the silence was great."

" I came here with back pains, now its gone! i got an opportunity to get in touch with my inner self."

"Felt alive, so relaxed and complete after these 3 days. It was very spiritual and deep for me. i  would do it again"

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In such a fast paced world, we rarely take time to breathe, unwind or rejuvenate. Join us for these exciting silent retreats around the world.