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  • lake Duluti Serena Excel Tengeru Road Arusha, Arusha Region Tanzania (map)

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least, 10 highest) please answer these 10 simple questions
1. I feel tired and find it hard to relax “wind down”………….
2. I find it hard to make decisions and I have trouble thinking clearly………..
3. I think about my problems over and over again during the day and find it hard to concentrate…………
4. I get headaches frequently and feel emotionally numb……….
5. I eat too much or too little…..
6. I use caffeine, nicotine , alcohol or other drugs more than usual to calm me down…………
7. I am irritable and easily annoyed by people’s comments…….
8. I have stomach upsets (e.g. nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, gas.)………
9. I am withdrawn and feel distant and cut off from other people. I have trouble feeling that life is meaningful……..
10. My work performance has declined and I have trouble completing things. ……. If you scored more than 20, it’s ok. You are not alone, many of us are right there with you, working hard to feel better, seeking clarity on what matters most! That's why we created this retreat to help you seek clarity and improve your performance.

In life where there are so many distractions, we end up missing the moments, stressed and experience low work performance. 

Ever been in silence for 3 days, and just focused on your thoughts, feelings, just you. When was the last time you had delicious and healthy vegetarian meals prepared to give you just the energy you require and boost your metabolism as well? 

That’s what this training is all about- You will be able to

- focus your attention on what is most important to you.

- It gives you that clarity from feeling cantered and calm.

- You will find peace of mind and you will experience feelings of inspiration, meaning and purpose derived from the peaceful environment, inside out.

- You will experience a great sense of well-being! 

This program improves productivity instantly and is highly recommended for all executives who rarely take time out and have poor self care skills.

This 3-day retreat and training offers you a unique and valuable experience and skill-set that all high performers need.

Apart from the silence, You Will Learn and Experience How To:

- Managing stress levels with the right environment and nutrition

- What foods bring heightened and sustained levels of energy

- Autoimmune diseases- what are they and how can we personally prevent and manage

- The four key triggers of autoimmune diseases

- Healthy meals that support your immune system

- What is a healthy gut and how to heal it

- The relationship between the gut and our brain

- 5 ways to increase productivity by 30% through lifestyle adjustments

- Self-care tools and skills including Body fat test.

- Holistic health and much much more

You might be wondering whether this will work for you, please read below what others are saying about the retreat…………….

"This retreat really helped me. I was overwhelmed when i came here and had a back ache that wouldn’t go. I am happy to report from the stretches we did, by back ache is gone and i feel much better"
(Hellen, Arusha, Tanzania)

"I will incorporate exercises and healthy meal plans in my busy life. You should get more executives to attend, we all need help". (Jacinta Masika, Llyod Masika, Nairobi Kenya)

"Jennifer i respect what you do now after attending this retreat. I struggled with the healthy breakfast but feel much better and energetic, i must make adjustments in my lifestyle so as to serve better" (Sudesh Kaka, Sudesh International, Uganda)

" I had connection with God, enjoyed the scenery and the food. I leave here with alot of nutritional and health knowledge. I would love to attend the next retreat, i will make this my lifestyle in order to see my grandchildren grow.(Irma, UN, Paris, France)

" I met a lot of good people, great time to reflect and detox. For the first time in a long time, I chewed and enjoyed my food. Lets get as many people in the world to become aware of importance of silence and detox. I must invite you to Lesotho"(Nozipho Nonyana, Owner Dynamic Transformation, Lesotho)

"We were so stressed from work. We rarely sleep, this training was timely, and we are going back new and re-energized. Thank you Jennifer for inviting us (Patrick and Leah, Owner Kiliative solutions, Tanzania)

"This retreat was timely; we should have had more days. I am now focused and ready to go back to work. I needed it. Will definitely attend again". (Mamo, Lesotho)